German Ortega assures that he does not even have the money to pay for electricity – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

German Ortega, recognized as one of the “Mascabrothers”, confessed on the verge of tears that his economic situation is going through its worst moment.

Requesting that the government of Mexico City authorize the reopening of the theaters, German told in an interview for the program Sale el Sol that he is experiencing a great economic crisis.

“How am I going to do to pay … my electricity? How am I going to do to pay …? … What do I do?”, The actor expressed with a broken voice and about to cry.

After enlisting various colleagues in the artistic medium who are also experiencing a complicated situation, Ortega took up his case and added:

“I owe tuition fees, they have already canceled my cards… to what degree do we wait for it to arrive? For me to go crazy and run like crazy on the street, because waters, we are in depression, all, many, we are very sensitive […] I live with tension all day, because they are telling me about the bank ”.

Finally, and assuring that for now he has to eat, the comedian added: “I have panic, I am afraid, I speak on behalf of many colleagues who do not have work, fortunately I depend on myself, I do my own productions, I generate myself, but big stars are waiting for a call for us to work ”.

By | Mexico Agency