German Mazda Expands Optional Equipment With New Body Color Keys

Mazda has proposed to expand the optional equipment of its models, with more functional special details. For now, it is only offered in Germany but is expected to reach other European countries as well. A new remote control that is presented more elegant with the same color of the body, available in the whole range.

Personalization is one of the most important qualities of car brands, and where they invest most to offer extensive equipment to customers, which also serves to distinguish themselves from the competition. An example is that of BMW that takes the most advanced technology to the limit, turning the remote controls and keys of its models into a high-tech screen.

This element has become an extension of the car itself, and brands like Volvo too use door control as a means to protect occupants by preventing speeding from being exceeded, for example. Mazda has not yet reached that level of technological functionality, but the Japanese do offer the key with a coat of paint to match the car. Logically it is an optional equipment, nothing cheap, but with a body finish.

Detail of the new Mazda key, in the same color of the body of its models

The firm launches this option in the German option catalog, and is expected to be extended to other European markets in the coming months. It is offered for CX-3, CX-30, Mazda3, CX-5, Mazda6, MX-30 and the MX-5. The only one left out is the smaller model, and it is offered with six currently available body paints, all with a metallic finish that offers an unmatched shine.

They are “Magma Red”, “Polymetal Gray”, “Matrix Gray”, “Onyx Black”, “Satin White” and “Moonstone White”. The Hiroshima brand points out that the special finish is offered for the two housings that make up the remote control, and that they are bathed in one of these colors following the same process as the body.

One more gadget that comes from the land of the rising sun where this option is available from summer 2019. In Japan, the option was known as “Selective Key Shell” and debuted in the new Mazda3, with virtually the same colors as in Germany. For now, only the price that this option will have in Germany is known, 110 Euros in any of these colors.

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