The president of the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), Klaus Cichutek, expects manufacturers to offer the vaccine against the new coronavuris “close to cost price,” he told the ntv news channel. “Of course, it is a matter of prestige that companies feel challenged to help the world and therefore cannot overwhelm the world in terms of prices.”

Equitable distribution mechanisms

The Paul Ehrlich Institute is the body responsible for vaccine approval in Germany. According to Cichutek, two German vaccine research projects are “close to clinical trials.” A product from the CureVac company in Tübinga and a vaccine from the German Infection Research Center are promising.

Cichutek hopes that the next clinical trial will be approved by the Paul Ehrlich Institute in a few weeks. Until now, only the company BioNTech in Mainz has received approval for the first clinical tests on volunteer patients.

According to Cichutek, a comprehensive vaccination of the population in Germany is “a matter of months.” He asked politicians to talk about fair distribution mechanisms around the world. “Actually, exactly how this can happen must be discussed.” This time the world is facing a pathogen from which new things are learned every day. Therefore, different regulations are needed, he added.

Vaccine rain?

The search for a suitable vaccine has been ongoing for a long time. According to the Association of Pharmaceutical Research Companies (VFA), there are more than 120 vaccine projects around the world, from small companies like Biontech in Mainz or Curevac in Tübinga, to corporations like Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline.

In the United States, the modern biotech company has already reported on progress in research into a COVID-19 vaccine. Experts hope that vaccination will take place globally in 2021 and that many providers will launch vaccines at the same time, or in rapid succession.

Deutsche Welle