German doctor considers it wrong to vaccinate players shortly after the Euro


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The german doctor Thomas assmann considers that vaccinating players a few days before the start of the European Championship is not recommended and can even be counterproductive due to side effects.

Assmann was consulted by the newspaper “Bild” about the plans of Spain to vaccinate the players with Johnson & Johnson after the two positives that have occurred in the squad.

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has similar side effects to AstraZeneca. If the Spanish are going to really play next week after being vaccinated recently, the rivals are going to be happy,” he said Assmann.

“It is possible that players go out onto the field as if they had a foot shackle due to side effects,” he added.

Assmann considers that it would have made sense to vaccinate the players in advance and in a staggered manner before the European Championship.

Germany, for its part, has given up on systematically vaccinating the entire workforce.

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