Gerber in trouble for mysterious metal in baby food

Gerber is one of the leading brands in the market for baby products, which is why its products are widely in demand.

A common element in the products is that which has to do with the way in which they have been performing in the market, with elements that determine their capacity before the consumer.

Social networks are important channels to see how brands influence consumers.

Social networks have become important platforms, which consumers have turned to to show the value of brands through products and services that manage to establish a very important benchmark in the market, as has happened in the case of Gerber.

Nowadays, the proximity of consumers to brands through social networks has established various trends, through which the weight that digital has on the consumer has been patented.

Given this transcendence of the online medium, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals to us how important content has become for them and how attentive brands are to this phenomenon.

Gerber and a controversial metal

Various users on social networks have evidenced the presence of a mysterious metal within Gerber’s porridge, which has ignited criticism within this platform against the brand.

In accounts such as Put It To The Test and Claudia La Alterada, magnets have been used, with which the Gerber brand mush is traversed, to discover that small metal filings are attracted generating all kinds of comments.

Within the video of Claudia la Alterada, this complaint adds about 5 million views on her TikTok account and is a reminder of the challenge in the market, especially when a product of this type generates this type of content on the components with which it counts.

@claudialaalterada I’m in shock that my baby has been eating all this time metal in gerber’s cereal ## gerberbaby ## baby ## foryou ## foryoupage ## fyp ♬ original sound – claudialaalterada

The user compares the Gerber product against one of the Earth’s Best Organic brand and in the latter she did not find the presence of metallic filings after doing her test with the magnet.

“See this brand, it has absolutely nothing,” he says, ruling out the presence of said product.

In the case of Let’s put it to the test, the video has about 7 million views and its creator assures that it is possibly iron, a mineral widely recommended in the nutrition of infants.

@ put it_a_test What are we eating? What do you think it is? ## fyp ## food ## babies ♬ original sound – Let’s put it to the test

Brands with controversial products

Gerber’s incident with porridges containing unknown metals reminds us of cases like the one Campbell experienced after his brand was singled out by the United States Congress, for allegedly having toxic heavy metals in its composition, to which the brand responded that its products were totally safe and a clear regulation was needed by the FDA to establish standards for the presence of heavy metals in baby food.

To detail.

A study conducted by IRI found that through 2021, the top-selling baby food brands were Gerber, private label, and Plum Organics Yum.

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