Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance releases four previously unreleased songs in Confinement | INSTAGRAM

My chemical Romance announced late last year that it would return to the stage, starting with Japan and Oceania, after a first reunion concert last December in the city of Los Angeles.

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However, due to the current health crisis, these plans were frustrated.

However, Gerard has perfectly taken advantage of his “free” time, surprising fans of the band, since the singer shared four new songs on his own: “Phoning it”, “Crate Amp”, “Success!” and “Welcome to the Hotel” are the titles of these themes.

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The singer from New Jersey explained that his main intention was to release them as singles, but due to the situation he decided to share them in the form of a small album with the title “Distraction or despair”. “Hello everyone, with all this uncertainty, I just wanted to start uploading some new things. Just so people can have something to listen to, ”explained the singer.

“I just wanted to share it. I think I have a lot of these things since Doug and I have been recording little snippets here and there over the years. Some of these, like Phoning it in were things that I planned to release as singles. And I can still do it sometime when I’m done, but I thought, ‘Why not now?’ I feel good about sharing it. Who knows if any of these songs ever came out? “Stated Way Lee.

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“I am calling all these songs ‘Distraction or despair’ -Distraction or despair- as they seem to be the two states that I keep switching between. Probably many other people too. I’m just improvising and letting it be informal,” the singer commented. which is also submerged before the ravages of being in confinement thanks to the sanitary contigenca.

In themselves they are themes that, as Gerard himself explained, he has been working for a long time and that most still do not have the form or structure of a song. First we have a sound experiment called “Success!”, In which he makes a huge collage of vocal harmonies, then he presents “Welcome To The Hotel”, forty seconds of the casual singer and drawing his courage in a distorted way.

For his part there is also “Crate Amp_2”, with Gerard playing with an amplifier of that same brand at the top of profit and closing with “Phoning It In”, the most complete track and that according to him was planned to be released as a single.