Pique He remains determined that the referees are against him since the return of football after the break. The Barça central went crazy claiming a possible penalty after grabbing Javi Sánchez, in a play of struggle and in which the interpretation of Mateu Lahoz is that it was not enough to mark the fatal point. Gerard did not settle for the explanations of the referee, which he chased for more than a minute without success.

There is a grab by Javi Sánchez as part of the struggle, but the action, very common in the areas during the set pieces, was interpreted as clean as Mateu Lahoz. In no case is it a resounding penalty, so the VAR, Piqué, who has stood out so much –negatively– in his statements, could not correct the main referee of the match.

Piqué did not care and protested angrily in first, to later continue during the hydration pause, with a prolonged conversation and in which Gerard’s gestures made his disapproval of what Mateu was explaining about the play itself. At the end of the 90 minutes and with the confirmed victory, Piqué continued in his thirteen and went back to look for Mateu to protest an action that left nothing happy for ‘3’.