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In August 2019 we were happy and we didn’t know it. Back then we were able to visit the movie set The day of the end of the world in Atlanta, Georgia. Witnessing the filming of an apocalyptic movie sounded like guaranteed fun, since the tragedies that plague humanity used to stay in the cinema, where we as viewers were safe … until 2020 reached us. The film, starring Gerard butler Y Morena Baccarin, tells the story of an engineer who must overcome various setbacks in order to get his family to safety before a deadly meteor hits Earth.

It was a rainy day in Atlanta, and from the hotel we were taken to a location on one of the city’s residential streets. There we witnessed the filming of some scenes that the director Ric Roman Waugh, ex stunt man and stunt man, he considers the most difficult for him: the family life between John, Allison and their little son Nathan. “I prefer to blow things up (laughs), because being between two people is a very intimate moment and having a team around is very complicated, but I am very fortunate to have an incredible cast, the chemistry between Gerard and Morena has been fantastic” .

After settling in outside the house in front of a monitor, we could see Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin live together and laugh like a completely happy marriage. The production people explain to us that what we are seeing is actually a flashback, because at the beginning of the story, both are already estranged. At the end of filming, they invite us to go to the dining room to talk a little with the protagonists. Although it is an action disaster movie, Gerard butler prefers to define it as a «family drama disaster movie«:

“It’s a film that is deeply rooted in reality, in the family, in the things that really matter,” he explains.

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Morena Baccarin, for her part, tells us that after reading the script, the realistic aspect of it was what convinced her to participate in the project:

“I liked that the protagonist of the story was not some kind of superhero, but is someone normal who does doable things.”

Butler thinks this story also focuses on a situation that he has seen several times: how people react in extreme situations.

“To survive, good people do bad things and bad people do good things. Curiously, I have had to witness quite critical moments. I was in New York on September 11; in Los Angeles during the riots by Rodney King; in London when the terrorist attack of 2005 happened, and in all those moments, I saw how tragedies brought out the best in people, but also the worst. And in The Day of the End of the World we also see that, but above all, we see how people help each other, it is an inspiring and emotional story ”.

the day of the end of the world

End of the world day requires a stuntman

After finishing the work day, the crew headed to dinner and they invited us to go with them to talk a little more with Ric roman waugh, who tells us that in the beginning, this was a project that someone else was going to carry out, with another protagonist. “As soon as that project fell, I took it immediately, because I had loved the script and also immediately called Gerard, with whom I had just finished filming. Agent under fire. He was the perfect star for the role. ”

For his part, Brad Martin, the stunt coordinator, also talks about how easy it is to work with Butler: “He’s someone who does his own stunts and gets so into character that he doesn’t hesitate to do really dangerous things, like a scene where one of his arms catches fire ”.

During dinner, we had to witness the birthday of someone from the crew, they all seemed to be part of a big family. Waugh tells us that’s something he learned from his mentor, the filmmaker Tony scott. “I like to involve the crew in all the decisions, that makes everyone feel that filming is a team effort and not something they do for someone else. And I think that shows in the final result ”.

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