Geraldine Bazán talks about her character in the False Identity series – El Sol de México

Even when he knew his partner actress Camila Sodi some time ago, Geraldine Bazán reinforced his friendship with her in the series Falsa Identidad.

“We agreed in many aspects as friends and moms, we even organized vacations with our children and working together on this production left me a lot of learning,” says Bazán.

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In virtual interview with The Sun of Mexico, The actress said that the Telemundo Internacional series whose second season recently premiered on Netflix also made her a dance expert, playing a dancer from a men’s bar called Babel.

“Playing Marlene, it took me out of my comfort zone. Each project leaves me a lot of learning. False identity leaves me with many things, besides having a lot of fun in the recordings ”.

When participating in the first season of 90 episodes, he remembers, “the story in general is good, in addition to addressing intra-family violence, there is talk of drug trafficking, trafficking of white women and mistreatment in all aspects. The series is current, because the problems that are addressed have a high index in our country ”.

Bazán delves into Marlene who takes care of her younger sister: “Like others, she dances to survive, she knows different types of choreography. It was not my strong suit at the time of acting in False Identity. For me it was a challenge and at the same time I had a lot of fun. The character works hard so that his sister can have better studies. ”

Geraldine talks about her new activities in the new normal. “I have a couple of television projects on the horizon that I will hear about in the second half of the year,” he reports. However, she is also venturing into business and altruism, coupled with the fact that she is attentive to the fact that her daughter Elisa Marie is acting in the telenovela If we are left.

“My best project that I renew every moment is to be a mother, it is the best project of my life,” she reiterated.

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