Georgina Rodríguez strips naked for a magazine and covers herself only with a bag

Georgina Rodriguez it is current again. A few days ago her name came to the fore because of the interview that Javi gave, a tempter in ‘The island of temptations’ who confirmed that he dated her when they were teenagers. And in the last hours the Spanish influencer of Argentine origin returns to revolutionize social networks for being the star of the cover of ‘InStyle’ magazine.

An interview-report in which he has opened up about many aspects of his life, including some unexpected confessions of how humble his family was and how he had to fight to pursue his dreams, and in which he has posed with different models. However, the photograph that is causing the most stir and that is setting fire to Instagram is one in which it takes everything away and appears naked covering only one of her bags.

“It is true that I have not always shone with my beauty, but I have always been happy”, Georgina Rodríguez begins by saying about her life in a headline that occupies the cover next to one of the spectacular poses in which she appears with a black outfit with crystals and with matching gloves touching her face, showing off her beauty.

But there are other surprising confessions from Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, some unexpected about his past: «I have worked hard and I have had a sacrificial life and the universe has rewarded me with the greatest thing: a beautiful family. Now that I can, allowing myself to help others is what satisfies me the most. I also know what it is to start small and reach the end of the month. I empathize with people a lot because of my humble origins.