Georgina Rodríguez closes amusement park to celebrate Cristiano Jr

The amusement park confirmed to the Spanish press that the model commissioned that her guests could enjoy the best attractions in the park and that she requested a special menu prepared in the restaurants of the same park.

What’s more, Georgina He extended his congratulations to the son of his partner, whom he had confidentially eleven years ago, but who has been raised as one more son of Rodríguez.

The affection that Georgina feels for the minor is such that he refers to him as his ‘prince’ and thanked him for being the best son, brother and life partner in his publication on the networks

“Congratulations my prince. It is a pleasure to see you grow day by day and see the little man that you are becoming. Thank you for making us so proud of you. Thank you for being the best older brother, son, and life partner. I am excited to see so much joy and gratitude in your eyes for today. Thank you for making me feel like the best mom in the world every day. We love you dad, mom and brothers ”.

Even if Cristiano Ronaldo He could not be present at the celebration of his eldest son because he is playing the Eurocup with his team, that did not prevent him from congratulating him in a publication on his Instagram account with some heartfelt words:

“Congratulations, my love. You are a pride for dad. 11 years of many joys and smiles. May you always fight for your dreams. We love you so much”:

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