George ST-Pierre blames Dana White for avoiding Oscar de la Hoya fight

The return of Oscar de la hoya boxing is still on hold, this because he still does not have a rival to face, at first the legend of the UFC, George St-Pierre, but, that possibility fell because of Dana White.

According to an interview he gave, George St-Pierre, to Cinema Blend, explained that the culprit that the fight with Oscar de la Hoya was Dana White.

“I understand that Dana White he didn’t want me to fight. However, it would have been fun to face Oscar From the pot. Because my career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter is over ”, explained the Canadian.

Likewise, St-Pierre He pointed out that he admires a lot Oscar From the potTherefore, he is disappointed not to face it.

“I think it would have been a good match because he is older than me. Yes, of course he has a lot more boxing experience than me. But I am younger, I am a little bit older. So I think it would have been a pretty even showdown. It could have been fun, ”argued St-Pierre.

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