George RR Martin develops a new series for HBO

The author will once again collaborate with the HBO network. Photo: . | .

The renowned author George RR Martin, who would obtain world fame thanks to the adaptation of his epic fantasy saga under the name of « game of Thrones”By HBO, is currently in development of a new series for the premium television channel.

Is about « Roadmarks”, A production that will be based on a book published in 1979 by the novelist Roger Zelazny, which focuses on a path that travels through time, counting on some specific points through which only special people can access it. Once on the path, these individuals would have the ability to alter things that can alter the future.

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Martin will work on the adaptation alongside the executive producer and showrunner Kalinda vazquez, who has extensive experience in the field of television thanks to his work with the series « Prison Break » Y « Nikita”. The author maintained a friendship with Zelazny before his death in 1995.

Through a statement, Martin he referred to him as « a mentor and one of the greatest science fiction writers that ever lived. » « It is an honor to be able to bring your work to television, » he commented. “This is why I am so excited to be a part of adapting the novel by RogerRoadmarks‘ for HBO”.

We have a great book, a great screenwriter in Kalinda Vazquez and the making of a wonderful and original program. I look forward to a long and exciting journey.

So far, fans of Martin are waiting for the publication of « The Winds of Winter« , Sixth installment of the saga that inspired the series of »game of Thrones”. Over the past summer, the author suggested that the book could be put on sale in 2021, as the quarantine isolation would have sped up his writing pace.

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“I have bad days, which put me off, and good days, those that wake me up, but I’m pleased with the way things happen,” he would comment. In case of being published soon, this would not mean that the saga will come to an end, since the original plan of Martin includes the completion of seven books. The last of them would be named « A Dream of Spring”.