George Harrison sent a letter to a fan to destroy Paul McCartney’s car

Without a doubt, one of the most emblematic groups of all time has been The Beatles. With everything and their legacy, the band, led by John Lennon, suffered a series of differences that led to their separation. Some of those misfortunes was starred by George Harrison, who at some point sent a letter to a fan to destroy the car of Paul MCCARTNEY. Although of course, everything seems to have been part of a joke product of his sarcastic personality, as defined by the FAR OUT portal.

It turns out that that strange missive was the result of another letter written by a fan whose name responds to Susan Houghton, who had written to the group to wish them a Merry Christmas and not only that, because he took the trouble to send flowers and a box of chocolates to George Harrison’s mother. As a token of appreciation, Harrison responded to Susan, who, by the way, had also asked them for advice on how to wash a car.

Harrison evidently provided the fan with a guide to washing cars, but at the same time, and almost to the end of the letter, he recommended that she go and pour “greasy, muddy water” into a Ford Classic, owned, presumably, by Paul. McCartney.

Dear Susan. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas too. Thank you for giving my mother flowers and surprises. [¿Fuiste tú, no?] Thanks also for the card, actually THANKS A LOT, SUSAN. You are too kind ”, it reads at the top of the letter.

Later, the steps to follow to wash a car are displayed, but pay attention to point number seven:

Use plenty of clean water, preferably warm water, and soap. When the car is clean, let it dry for 20 minutes. (While you wait, you can have a cup of tea.) Then ask your mother for two feather dusters and apply a little polish on each one and then proceed to use them in a circular way on the car. This should be done until the car is clean and shiny. Don’t forget the tires! Take a brush and vacuum to clean the rugs. The Windows [interior] they must also be polished. After that, you can retire for another cup of tea. Before returning home, I recommend checking the car again and looking for parts that have gone unnoticed to proceed to clean them as well. Afterwards, go to 20 Forthlin Road with around 6 buckets of dirty, greasy and muddy water, where you will see a shiny Ford Classic and pour the contents of the buckets evenly over the car and cover it very well with mud. Now you can return home knowing that you have done your good deed for the day. “Thank you! With love, George Harrison.

Paul McCartney letterSource: FAR OUT Magazine

Paul McCartney letterSource: FAR OUT Magazine

Paul McCartney letterSource: FAR OUT Magazine

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