Genstove, the mobile charger that runs on gas … and also heats food | Technology

We have seen many different types of battery chargers. Genstove is one of the most original and practical, especially if you like to go camping.

When you are outdoors you can recharge your mobile batteries with solar energy, wind, even water. With Genstove you can recharge your smartphone with gas.

Battery chargers with fire have been around for a long time, like the popular Biolite CampStove 2. But it’s the first time we’ve seen a gas-powered battery charger.

Actually Genstove is an ideal gas cooker for campsites and excursions, with the advantage that also recharges the mobile while cooking, or power a lamp to cook at night. In this video you can see it in operation:

How does Genstove convert gas into electricity?

A propane or butane gas cylinder is used to light the fire in the small stove. This fire is used to prepare food, but it also heats a thermodynamic generator that converts the heat into electricity. So it is a two step process.

A water reservoir at the bottom prevents the battery from overheating from the heat.

The difference with other devices of this type is that Genstove does not steal heat from cooking to recharge the batteryInstead, it uses the excess heat from the gas-generated flame. So the stove does not lose heat when generating electricity at the same time.

Solar charger with 3 panels and with an energy efficiency of 21% to 23%. Includes 2 USB ports to connect mobile devices at 2.4A.

The electricity generated is stored in a 3,700 mAh external battery with standard USB and USB Type C connectors that can be used for whatever you want: recharging your mobile or headphones, powering a lamp to light up at night, etc.

According to its creators, the Korean company Vivaplus, with a 232-gram propane or butane cylinder (easily refillable at any gas station), 12 hours of use are achieved.

Genstove is for sale on KickStarter at a price of about 168 euros, with worldwide shipping. Orders will begin shipping in June.