Genesis announces landing in China breaking height record

To give life to a new brand, manufacturers must measure their steps very well. But also, if it is a premium firm, the complexity multiplies. Hyundai Motor Group is being very restrained with the plan it has outlined for Genesis. Its most representative brand has been active for several years, but so far it has been limited to markets where the public could welcome it with greater emphasis. So far, it has flown …

As you well know, Genesis was not present in a market as important as the Chinese. To end this unforgivable absence, those responsible for the South Korean brand have devised a plan that should be key to its future. Among the activities that compose it there was a public event to introduce two of its most successful models. But also, they wanted to entertain the audience by breaking a record …

Genesis has put 3,281 drones in the sky of Shanghai

And you will wonder What has Genesis done? Well neither more nor less than fly 3281 drones above the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal. With this air show, which the client of the Asian country likes so much, they have represented the brand logo. In addition, they have also wanted to show two of the models that will be launched in the country. We refer to G80 Y GV80 latest exponents of its technological and representation capacity.

According to statements by Jaehoon (Jay) Chang, Global Director of the Genesis brand …

“Today marks the beginning of another bold chapter for Genesis” […] “The Chinese market plays a critical role in the development of our global business and we are very excited to introduce next-generation luxury to China.”

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Genesis X Concept: This is the natural evolution of the 2018 Essentia

To ensure success, Genesis bases its strategy on two pillars. On the one hand, they present their new Athletic Elegance design philosophy. On the other hand, they want to change the relationship with the customer and for this they will offer a unique experience. This way of facing luxury is called “Genesis of You” and is focused on the idea that every part of its vehicles is designed to amplify customer trust as they progress together.

For now have not announced sales estimates or next steps. The G80 and GV80 are reaping good numbers in the United States, so there should be no problem doing the same in China. It will be necessary to see if they are lucky and conquer this tough and demanding client.

Source – Genesis