Chevrolet has made an improvement in the design of one of its most famous cars, the new Corvette, and which will include a central engine that will provide more power on the road.

The design of the new Corvette It is something that has surprised fans of the sport, because now it has a central motor just behind the driver, rather than under the hood, however, this has a reason for being, and that later, GM will present more powerful versions of the Corvette, the company’s flagship car Ía.

Although the automaker has yet to confirm anything, the arrival of these new versions could lead GM to the realm of true supercars, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, according to CNN.

The Corvette’s new mid-engine design even has advantages in the current base model, the 495-horsepower Stingray. For example, it changes the weight of the car, changes the way the car drives around corners, and makes it faster in a straight line, as there is more weight on the rear wheels where the power goes.

Corvette Stingray 2020
Credit: Courtesy Chevrolet

It also places the driver closer to the center of the driving experience. The driver’s body is now close to the engine, where the weight of the car is concentrated, and the driver sits further forward in the car, closer to the front wheels that drive the car. In addition, the hood is lower as it has no engine underneath, providing an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

With the new CorvetteThe term “bandwidth” is often used by GM engineers and designers to describe all the benefits of the new design. Basically, it allows engineers to create versions of the car with much more It’s power and the ability to handle it.

The new Corvette maintains all the benefits of its predecessor, plus adding 50 horsepower and ample storage space both behind the engine and in the front under the hood.

Corvette 2020
Credit: Courtesy Chevrolet

Another advantage of the new mid-engine design is that it adds more weight to the rear wheels, helping to get more performance and more enjoyment from future higher-powered engines and possibly electric motors. .

In terms of interior design, the new Corvette incorporates a long, narrow row of buttons, mostly controls for cabin heating and cooling, which create a low wall between the driver and passenger. Center touchscreen is also tilted toward the driver.

Although the manual transmission will disappear in this Corvette, the brand includes a knob with a comfortable palm rest on top that is used to change the driving modes offered by the 8 engine speeds. You can select between modes such as Tour, for a comfortable cruise, Sport and Track for fast, aggressive driving. The knob also gives you the option to change things like steering responsiveness, gear shifting, and, if the car has an optional adjustable suspension, what so firm is the driving.

Corvette Stingray 2020.
Credit: Courtesy Chevrolet.

The steering wheel is nearly rectangular. It has a flat bottom to provide more legroom for the driver and a flat top to provide an unobstructed view of the computer screen that is the gauge cluster.

The Corvette is still a fast, responsive and comfortable sports car, however, we will have to wait to see the versions that the brand will offer to know all the details in depth and fall in love even more with this supercar that remains on top.


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