General Motores’ comprehensive assistance system expands its coverage by providing greater security for users of the brand through OnStar

OnStar It has become one of the most interesting systems in General MotorsBecause, in addition to providing roadside assistance and emergency services, it has helped reduce the number of stolen cars with its geolocation system.

The American automaker has decided to make a slight update to this service through the application OnStar Guardian, which for now is only available in the United States and Canada.

OnStar will now allow users to carry all the benefits of this wizard, but on a smarthphone either Android or IOS. Through the app, you can request emergency services, as well as roadside assistance, as well as obtain an immediate response in the event of an accident and this thanks to the connection of the phone with the base of OnStar.

A company advisor will identify the location of the phone and contact First Responders to get help if required, even if the user cannot request it, however, the user will have to authorize location permissions within the application in advance.

Another advantage of updating OnStar is that the services it offers will work in the same way if the user is driving a vehicle other than his or even if he is traveling as a passenger in a private car, as long as he has the application on his smartphone.

By contracting with OnStar the application will function as an extension of the service and can even be shared with up to seven different devices.


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