Geely Vision Starburst: The future of the firm is embodied in this prototype

Geely Vision Starburst

The development of manufacturers such as Geely it seems to be touched by the magic wand of a fairy. This Chinese firm is one of the most powerful in Asia and Europe. It is true that its presence in the old continent is not yet the majority, but the control of firms such as Volvo or Lotus The doors have been opened wide for him. However, do not forget that you already own half of Smart and that its owner has taken a handful of shares of Daimler AG.

Be that as it may, when you have money to spend, you want to destroy everything. The same can be applied to this manufacturer. Especially since in recent years we have attended the birth and start-up of new firms of which, a short time later, we have not heard more. In addition to that its design team and engineers create prototypes and concepts of all kinds. The last, the Geely Vision Starburst of these images.

The Geely Vision Starburst concept is based on the “Expanding Cosmos” design philosophy

According to those responsible for Geely, with this prototype they evolve its design philosophy “Expanding Cosmos”. To do this, they focus on the future of human-vehicle interaction while pushing the limits of technology and innovation into a new digital age. In any case, the Geely Vision Starburst features risky lines that combine conceptual elements already seen in coupes and crossovers.

According statements by Guy Burgoyne, Vice President of Geely Design Shanghai…

“The Expanding Cosmos philosophy serves as a constant inspiration for our designers to discover a new and holistic design language that satisfies our ever widening and diverse range of clients. In search of this DNA in the new digital age, we have pushed the limits of technology and innovation. Like the birth of a new star, the ideas of our talented team of global designers were combined, fused and exploded, resulting in the birth of a new expression of design, a new vision, our Starburst Vision ”

The Zeekr 001 is born, the first model of Geely’s new premium firm

Apparently, the inspiration to create the Vision Starburst comes from stellar phenomena. In this universe the nebulae come together creating new stars. However, we must highlight new elements such as large front grill, the renewed logo or daylight signature. In the side view there are flowing lines combined with more marked ones. Especially on the doors or footpegs.

Lastly is behind. Saving the distances, the layout reminds us of the Volvo V40. The optics, with Full LED technology, are very risky, occupying part of the rear window, the sheet metal and the central area of ​​the gate. For its part, the interior features a minimalist design dominated by large digital screens and ornaments as curious and attractive as the “Cosmic Ray” light strips.

Will the Vision Starburst become a production model?

Geely Vision Starburst

Geely Vision Starburst

According to the press release published by Geely, Vision Starburst will not become a production vehicle. Of course, many aspects of the new design language will reach future models of the brand. It will be necessary to see when the first model derived from it is born, although we could see it very soon. To finish, indicate that they have not specified what their powertrain is, although we bet because it would be electric, don’t you think?

Source – Geely

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