Gasolines are more than 8% more expensive in Mexico during 2021

Mexico City (Marlén Hernández) – So far this year, at the national level the price average of gasoline.
The increase in Magna gasoline was 8.6 percent and in Premium 8.4 percent.

Alejandro Montufar Helú, CEO of PetroIntelligence, explained that the increase that has been observed is related to the expectation of a greater demand for fuels due to vaccination, an aspect that raised the price of oil and therefore its by-products.

Going forward, the specialist considered that as a result of the extreme weather in Texas and the closure of refineries due to the lack of electricity last week, additional increases in the average price of automotive fuels could be observed in the coming weeks.

« The winter storm had repercussions on the refining capacity of Texas, where imported gasoline normally comes from and right now we are beginning to see more pressure on import prices, » said the manager.

« In fact, information indicates that this shock in the refineries will take around three weeks to return to normality, implying that the demand shock that we are beginning to see so far this year is going to be added a supply shock. »

In Nuevo León the price of regular and Premium gasoline has increased 7.0 and 6.5 percent, respectively, due to the effect of the weather in Texas, and the upward trend is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

Magna gasoline has increased by 1.32 pesos per liter, going from 18.92 on December 31 to 20.24 pesos per liter until Friday, according to data from PetroIntelligence and the Energy Regulatory Commission.

Premium gasoline registered a similar increase of 1.28 pesos per liter, increasing from 19.83 to 21.11 pesos.

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