The gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico for this Saturday, May 23, they average at a national level of $ 16.89 pesos per liter of regular gasoline; $ 17.56 for Premium and $ 18.79 for diesel, according to Petrointelligence.

Regarding the prices of fuels for the coming weeks, everything indicates that they will continue to rise, driven by the recovery in the value of crude oil, to exceed 18 pesos per liter of regular fuel in a month. Read: Price of the dollar today Saturday May 23, 2020

Gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico today Saturday May 23, 2020. | Photo: Sergio Pérez / Mi Bolsillo

According to the Mexican Association of Gasoline Entrepreneurs (Amegas), the demand for gasoline will increase along with the Zero Phase of Economic Reactivation throughout the country, after three months of continuous falls that reached a drop of 80 percent in the consumption in April.

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“Right now, the trend is totally negative, we are talking about 76 percent not selling, only 24 percent are selling, but I give you the fact, many more pipes came out of the two terminals today because it is already starting to see more movement of cars, “said its president, Pablo González.

Gasoline prices in different areas of Mexico:

Average prices in Mexico City:

$ 17.53 regular gasoline
 $ 18.09 premium gasoline
 $ 18.32 diesel

Average prices in Jalisco:

$ 17.65 regular gasoline
 $ 18.28 premium gasoline
 $ 18.94 diesel

Average prices in Nuevo León:

$ 17.17 regular gasoline
 $ 18.26 premium gasoline
 $ 18.90 diesel

Average prices in the State of Mexico:

$ 16.55 regular gasoline
 $ 16.86 premium gasoline
 $ 17.99 diesel

Average prices in Sinaloa:

$ 17.69 regular gasoline
 $ 19.22 premium gasoline
 $ 19.34 diesel

Average prices in Baja California:

$ 15.57 regular gasoline
 $ 16.27 premium gasoline
 $ 18.28 diesel

Average prices in Chihuahua

$ 16.55 regular gasoline
 $ 17.63 premium gasoline
 $ 18.35 diesel

Average prices in Yucatan:

$ 17.60 regular gasoline
 $ 17.72 premium gasoline
 $ 19.72 diesel

Average prices in Sonora:

$ 18.42 regular gasoline
 $ 19.20 premium gasoline
 $ 20.51 diesel

Average prices in Puebla:

$ 15.96 regular gasoline
 $ 16.30 premium gasoline
 $ 17.64 diesel

Average prices in Querétaro:

$ 16.65 regular gasoline
 $ 17.11 premium gasoline
 $ 18.56 diesel

Oil prices in real time:

Oil prices have shown an increase in recent days. This is the cause of the rise in the cost of fuels for final consumers:

If you want to know specifically about the gas stations in your municipality, check THIS PAGE of the Energy Regulatory Commission.

With information from Reforma and Petrointelligence