Gasly insults Sainz and Carlos responds to him on Instagram

Pierre Gasly he had them with Carlos Sainz on the first day of free practice of the Styrian GP Formula 1. The French rider went crazy when he saw how, after letting the Madrilenian pass, the Spaniard lifted his foot at the exit of Turn 3, without going for a turn. Although Carlos He braked leaving enough space and without causing any dangerous situation, it seems that Pierre was very annoyed by this action and possibly disconcerted in his route, because the Frenchman went off by the pianos of said curve.

“He’s a stupid blind man. Think you are alone “the AlphaTauri pilot screamed over the radio. His engineer tried to reassure him that he could charge back for a good lap on the next turn, but Pierre was just doing his thing. “I let it go. What is the point of doing such a thing? Honestly, I can’t believe it “he commented indignantly.

Quickly, the video of the clash was released by the Formula 1 on his official Instagram account, where Carlos He took the opportunity to reply with a brief but ironic message with an emoticon of a face with glasses.

Carlos Sainz replied to Gasly on Instagram

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