Gasly, calmer after a chat with Marko

Sergio Pérez is expected to remain at Red Bull next season, so there will be no free slot there for 2022. Therefore, Gasly will stay at AlphaTauri and the Frenchman says a recent conversation with Marko has reassured him about the future of the Faenza team.

“We spoke in Austria, in fact, we had a very good meal together,” he said when asked about “We talked about a lot of things and it was really positive to know a little more about their vision and plans, and how they see the future.”

“We still have a contract for a longer time. We’ll see what the future holds for us. I know they are very happy with my performances and what I bring to the team. So I have to keep focusing on that, and we’ll see what happens. But it was good to talk to him. “

Gasly believes that the rule change for 2022 represents an opportunity for AlphaTauri progress, although it will also be a challenge.

“I think if we look at it objectively, it can go in any direction,” he said. “If we are the ones who find some special trick in the car that works very well, then we could have better results next year.”

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Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri AT02

Photo by: Charles Coates / Motorsport Images

“We could also fail on something big in the car. Talking to the designers, it’s extremely difficult. There are so many directions to start, it’s a completely new page, it’s very, very difficult to know where you are going to be. Or to be sure that you won’t. you’ve lost nothing in no time. “

“So there are a lot of unknowns for next year. But I don’t think anyone can know who is going to be the true reference in the paddock.”

“Obviously the best teams, with the knowledge, the tools and the facilities that they have, I think they have a better chance of doing well. But nothing is guaranteed. And there could be some good surprises next year.”

“This year we have the rear of 2019. So we are two years behind what others are wearing.”

“So I think there are some positives to this change and that’s why I see it positively. We’ll see what happens.”

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