This afternoon the Autodromo Nazionale Monza was the site of an unprecedented race. AlphaTauri’s French driver Pierre Gasly won for the first time in Formula 1, beating McLaren’s Carlos Sainz by 0.415s. The podium was completed by another young driver, Canadian Racing’s Lance Stroll.

The start at Monza always creates a significant risk due to the high speed at Turn 1, but this time there were no incidents.

Lewis Hamilton managed to keep the top position, but his teammate Valtteri Bottas did not have the best start. He lost second place to Carlos Sainz and then fell in order until he reached sixth place.

As is usual in recent races, Hamilton started to make a difference in the first place and in fact his pace was so strong that in 19 laps he was 11 seconds behind Carlos Sainz.

The first key moment of the race came when Kevin Magnussen had problems with his car near the pit lane and this generated the entrance of the Safety Car. At that moment the race direction closed the pit lane as a precaution, but neither Lewis Hamilton nor Mercedes were They realized the situation and this generated a stop and go of 10 seconds. In this also Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo fell.

In fact, a few seconds before Pierre Gasly had entered the pits, still with the pit lane open, to change from soft to hard. This left him well placed, more exactly in third place. For Carlos Sainz it was not the ideal situation, since after the arrest he fell to eighth place.

Then on lap 25, the Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc had a collision when exiting the Parabolic corner, after losing control of the car. The race direction first showed a yellow flag and a turn after the red one. Fortunately the young driver got out of the car under his own power. In this way the race was suspended for 25 minutes.

According to the new regulations for 2020, the restart of the race was carried out with a static starting grid. That’s how lap 28 began, with Lewis Hamilton leading, followed by Pierre Gasly and the Alfa Romeos. Lance Stroll, who was second, had a bad game and was falling. A lap later Lewis Hamilton pitted to serve his penalty and this caused him to lose 30 seconds, starting last in P17.

Meanwhile Pierre Gasly in the lead was doing his job lap by lap, while Carlos Sainz was recovering positions until he reached second place. It was progressively discounting the AlphaTauri driver, from 4 seconds to 1.5 seconds in the final laps. On the last lap, McLaren’s Spaniard was 0.5s behind Gasly.

In this way, Pierre Gasly achieved his first victory in Formula 1. A Frenchman had not done it in the top flight since the 1996 Monaco GP with Olivier Panis.

Carlos Sainz was Gasly’s shooting guard, while Lance Stroll was third. In this way, all three achieved their second podium in Formula 1.

Lando Norris of McLaren finished in fourth place, thus achieving a very good afternoon for the Woking team as they ratified third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

Valtteri Bottas finished in fifth place, lagging behind Norris and missing a good opportunity to deduct points from Lewis Hamilton, who ultimately finished seventh after a huge recovery during the second half of the race.

The Renault team did not have the same pace exhibited in Spa and this time the best result was a sixth place for Daniel Ricciardo, while Esteban Ocon finished in eighth place.

Daniil Kvyat, partner of winner Pierre Gasly in AlphaTauri, finished ninth. The top 10 was closed by Mexican Sergio Pérez from Racing Point. Checo had a slight touch with Max Verstappen at Turn 1, knocking him off the track and losing performance in the RP20.

One place from the points was Nicholas Latifi, which would have been very special for the Williams family in his last F1 race. Briton George Russell was fourteenth.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen did not finish the race due to an engine problem and retired on lap 14.

Finally Sebastian Vettel was the one who had the first abandonment in the competition, after a brake problem. It happened at Turn 1 and luckily for him he had an escape route. Along with the Charles Leclerc collision, a black weekend closes for Ferrari at home, awaiting the next at Mugello, in his 1,000th F1 career.

With the final results of this Italian GP, ​​Lewis Hamilton leads the drivers’ championship with 164 points, second Valtteri Bottas (117), third Max Verstappen (110), fourth Lance Stroll (42), fifth Lando Norris (45), sixth Alexander Albon (48), seventh Charles Leclerc (45), eighth Pierre Gasly (43), ninth Carlos Sainz (41) and tenth Daniel Ricciardo (41).

In the constructors’ championship, Mercedes is in command with 281 points, second Red Bull (158), third McLaren (98), fourth Racing Point (82), fifth Renault (71), sixth Ferrari (61), seventh AlphaTauri (47 ), eighth Alfa Romeo (2), ninth Haas (1) and last Williams (0).

The valid ninth of the Formula 1 World Championship will be held from September 11 to 13 at the Mugello Circuit, home of the Tuscany Grand Prix.

Here is the lap by lap of the Italian GP:

Courtesy return: All pilots start smoothly.

Round 1: Start the race! Hamilton keeps P1. Sainz is P2, passes to Bottas. Pérez falls to P5 after being overtaken by Norris. Now Bottas falls to P6. Pérez and Ricciardo pass it.

Round 2:Sainz remains at P2. Hamilton to 2s.

Round 3: Verstappen goes to Stroll and is P7.

Round 4: Hamilton 2.8s behind Sainz. Norris in the P3 2s behind his McLaren teammate.

Lap 5: Vettel has brake problems.

Round 6: Pérez approaches Norris on the P3. 0.8s gap.

Lap 7: Vettel is slow to pit, no brakes. It’s retirement for the German Ferrari driver.

Round 8: Strong pressure from Pérez on Norris.

Lap 9: 5s penalty for Albon for hitting Grosjean at Turn 1.

Lap 10: Bottas stuck on the P6 between Ricciardo and Verstappen.

Lap 11: Following Norris in P3 are Pérez, Ricciardo, Bottas and Verstappen. Very interesting.

Lap 12: Pérez fails to activate DRS with Norris. If you do it with Checo, Daniel Ricciardo.

Lap 13: Duel between the AlphaTauri for the P10. Kvyat presses Gasly. The Russian goes with hard and the French with soft.

Lap 14: Hamilton 9.8s behind Sainz. A machine the British Mercedes driver.

Lap 15: Norris walks away from Pérez. Gap of 1.8s.

Lap 16: Hamilton sets the fastest lap. It is 0.9s faster than Sainz per lap. Gap of 11.4s. It’s a beating.

Lap 17: Albon passes Leclerc and takes the P13. The only Ferrari on the track suffers.

Lap 18: Leclerc in the pits. Soft for hard for the Monegasque.

Lap 19: Sainz remains solid at P2, 4.4s behind teammate Norris. Good job from the Spaniard, future Ferrari driver in 2021.

Lap 20: Trouble for Kevin Magnussen. It is on one side of the track behind the Parabolica.

Lap 21: Enter the Safety Car on the track. Hamilton in pits, soft by means. Sainz did not stop, he is the new leader. No other driver stopped except Giovinazzi.

Lap 22: Race direction warns that the pit lane was closed when Hamilton and Giovinazzi entered.

Lap 23: Now the pit lane is open. Enter all the pilots, except Stroll. Ricciardo wins the position to Pérez.

Lap 24: He leaves the Safety Car. The race resumes. Hamilton walks away immediately and needs to open as much distance as possible. He is going to receive a penalty like Giovinazzi.

Lap 25: Strong impact from Charles Leclerc. His car goes straight out against the Parabolic curve. He lost control of the car. Safety Car.

Lap 26: The race stops. For safety, the track attendants must fix the containment barrier and remove Leclerc’s car. Hamilton and Giovinazzi receive a 10-second stop and go for entering the pit lane when it was closed.

Under investigation Lando Norris for entering the pit lane unnecessarily slow. The tow truck with Leclerc’s car enters the pit lane.

According to article 41.4 of the F1 sports regulations, tire changes can be made under the red flag. Stroll is the most favored since he was the only one who had not entered.

At 4:20 p.m. from Monza, in 9 minutes, the race will resume. Taking advantage of the fact that the race is stopped, Hamilton went to the race direction.

Norris will not be penalized for entering the pit lane unnecessarily slowly.

The drivers are already in their cars. They get ready for the restart.

Lap 27: The cars take to the track.

Lap 28: It will be static thrown game. For the second time in this race. It is in accordance with the new safety regulations. Hamilton remains at P1. Gasly goes up to P2. Räikkönen P3 and Giovinazzi P4. Stroll drops to P5. You exit at the Variante della Roggia. Re-enter aggressively. It could be investigated.

Lap 29: Hamilton in pits. Meet the penalty. Gasly is the new race leader. What career!.

Lap 30: Hamilton falls to P17, last. We will see their conditions in this great traffic. How far will it go?

Lap 31: Giovinazzi serves the penalty. DRS is enabled. Gasly breaks away from Räikkönen at 1.3s. A totally unexpected race. Hamilton P17 at 15s from Albon. Retirement for Max Verstappen.

Lap 32: Bottas presses Norris for the P5. 0.7s Gap. Sainz approaches Räikkönen on the P4. Carlos also has the pressure of Stroll.

Lap 33: Hamilton in P15, setting fast laps. It is 10s from Albon on the P14. The championship leader has it complicated.

Lap 34: Big overtake by Sainz over Räikkönen at Turn 2. Carlos takes P2. Total euphoria in the McLaren pit. The Spanish wants victory. Has Gasly at 4s. What career!

Lap 35: V35 / 53: Stroll takes the P3 from Räikkönen. Of the leaders, Gasly is the fastest. Extend the lead to 4.3s over Sainz. How wonderful to see other drivers and teams fighting for victories!

Lap 36: Räikkönen keeps falling. Now it is Norris who passes it and takes the P4. Sainz discounts Gasly. 3.5s Gap.

Lap 37: Hamilton at P15, 1s from Albon on the P14. Bottas passes Räikkönen. Duel of Finns. Valtteri is P5.

Lap 38: Ricciardo is P6 after overtaking Kimi. Bottas connects to Norris on P4. Hamilton following Albon. Litmus test for the Thai fighting for the interests of Red Bull.

Lap 39: It is difficult for Hamilton to pass Albon. Suction and traffic are not the same for Hamilton under these conditions. Nothing that can happen.

Lap 40: Albon passes at Turn 1 and Hamilton takes the opportunity to overtake him before Turn 2. Hamilton looking for clean air to overtake.

Lap 41: Hamilton passes Russell and is P13. He’s targeting Grosjean. Sainz 2.6s from Gasly.

Lap 42: Hamilton passes Grosjean Bottas following Norris. Valtteri can’t beat him. A unique opportunity to deduct points from Lewis. It is at P5.

Lap 43: Hamilton with free track. Ocon passes Räikkönen and is P7. Gasly holds a 2.3 lead over Sainz.

Lap 44: Gasly and Sainz at 1.8. In AlphaTauri and McLaren praying.

Lap 45: Hamilton passes Latifi and is P11. Now the target is the Mexican Sergio Pérez. Stroll 2.7s off Sainz on the P3.

Lap 46: Pérez passes Räikkönen and climbs to P9. Key to distancing Hamilton a bit. Gap from Gasly to Sainz is 1.3s. It comes with all Spanish. Lewis passes Kimi at the Ascari Bypass.

Lap 47: Sainz 1.4s from Gasly. Attention.

Lap 48: Gasly does everything he can to keep the advantage with Sainz. Pérez sets his fastest lap trying to get away from Hamilton. Ricciardo presses Bottas for the P5.

Lap 49: Gasly 1.5s on Sainz. Do you remember that these two drivers were on the podium at the Brazilian GP last year?

Lap 50: Gasly wearing the AlphaTauri without errors, maintaining the gap of 1.5s. Great career of the French

Lap 51: Hamilton passes Kvyat on the P8. Gasly 1.1s on Sainz.

Lap 52: To the limit Gasly and Sainz. Gap of 1.1s. He doesn’t want Carlos to say he wants victory.

Lap 53:
Very close to Sainz de Gasly. The French do not make mistakes. Control Spanish. Hamilton passes Ocon and climbs onto P7.

Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) achieved victory in the Italian GP. 2nd Carlos Sainz (McLaren), 3rd Lance Stroll (Racing Point), 4th Lando Norris (McLaren), 5th Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), 6th Daniel Ricciardo (Renault), 7th Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), 8th Esteban Ocon (Renault), 9th Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri), 10th Sergio Pérez (Racing Point).

Lewis Hamilton posted the fastest lap with 1: 22: 746 on lap 34 and takes an additional point according to the change in sporting regulations for this season.

2020 Italian Grand Prix Final Positions







V. Fast



Pierre Gasly


1: 47.06.056




Carlos Sainz






Lance Stroll

Racing point





Lando norris






Valtteri Bottas






Daniel Ricciardo






Lewis hamilton







Esteban Ocon






Daniil Kvyat






Sergio perez

Racing point




Drivers without points:


Nicholas latifi




Romain Grosjean




Kimi raikkonen

Alfa Romeo



George Russell




Alexander Albon

Red bull



Antonio Giovinazzi

Alfa Romeo


They did not finish:


Max verstappen

Red bull


Charles Leclerc



Kevin Magnussen



Sebastian Vettel