Gary Sánchez returning to being stellar without adding errors in the month of June

The Dominican of the Yankees, Gary Sanchez He is again showing signs that he is recovering the rhythm we saw two years ago in MLB.

After Corey Kluber was injured, things worked out better for the Kraken, as the two-time Cy Young preferred to see Kyle Higashioka behind the plate when he pitched, prompting Gary Sanchez to sit down when Gerrit Cole or Kluber went to pitch.

Corey Kluber’s injury only left room for Kyl Higashioka to be behind the plate when Gerrit Cole goes to pitch with the Yankees.

Higashioka lost the title due to the huge offensive loss he had, nothing like what we saw at the beginning of the 2021 season in MLB.

Gary Sanchez He took office again in mid-May, since then he has been in these positions in the following offensive categories.

What has impressed you the most about Gary Sanchez?

Gary Sánchez still has not had a passball in June, where he has seen activity in almost every game, everything indicates that his defense is improving little by little, as long as it is so, it is very difficult to sit him down.

Here the report:

244 AVG (6th among receivers) .340 OBP (fifth among receivers) .488 SLG (fourth among receivers) .355 wOBA (third among receivers) 128 wRC + (third among receivers) 11.7 BB% (fifth among receivers) 0.7 fWAR (room between receivers)

When the kraken was asked about the bad streak the Yankees, This was what he said:

“There are so many things you think about when you’re fighting at the plate … but at the same time you understand that the only way out is to keep working and never give up” –

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