Gary Sanchez homered to tie for ninth and Luke Voit grounded the Royals

The dominican Gary Sanchez he hit a beastly home run in the ninth inning to tie the game and incidentally, Luke voit hit an RBI single to get a win over the Yankees of New York in the MLB.

Through the game of the Kansas City Royals and the Yankees of New York, where Carlos Santana hit a home run to make the game 3-2 in the eighth, later, Roudge Oodr put it 4-4 with a two-run homer, that’s when Aroldis Chapman blew what could be one more rescue in the MLB.

However, Gary Sanchez He opened the inning with a solo home run that tied the game 5 to 5, his first hit of the game and the best time.

After Giancarlo Stanton hit a solo hit, Tyler Wade pinch-runner and first baseman Luke voit scored his third hit to knock out the Kansas City Royals in the MLBSince he returned to the big team since his injury he has been on fire.

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