One of the most iconic moments in the documentary “The Last Dance” which was broadcast a very short time ago, was when Michael Jordan talked about Gary Payton and the 1996 Finals. They made the Bulls star watch a video of Payton talking about how much his defense “bothered” Jordan, which led to MJ’s laughter that has been immortalized in a meme.

Payton himself was consulted on the subject in “The opinionated 7-footers” and despite admitting that at first “he was very angry and I thought of calling him to say ‘Do you really want to take my credit and lie in front of everyone?’ , then I reconsidered and said that everything was fine ”, trying to remove controversy from the lawsuit between the two former players.

Payton also added that he changed his mind “because that is what one would expect from Mike. I would have said the same. I wouldn’t admit anything, much less that someone’s defenses bothered me or did something to me. I will always tell you that, at any point in my career, nobody gave me problems when defending him except for one person, who was John Stockton, ”hinting that the Utah base was the most difficult player to defend for him.

As if that were not enough, Payton closed the topic saying “I am happy that he said that, because he would not expect anything more from Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan for the way he was. That is why we are talking about him. ” After the memes and controversies, it seems that everything will end right here.