Garmin Lily, a smartwatch aimed at the female audience

Smartwatches are increasingly taking over the market, being an almost essential accessory for any phone. And it is that beyond the differentiations between bands and watches, we can see more and more specialization, with devices such as the new Garmin Lily, which comes as a smartwatch with a super small size and a more focused orientation on the female audience.

According to the WinFuture leak, the Garmin Lily will have a 34mm body and patented strap only 14mm wide and weighing just 24 grams. Quite notable reductions even compared to the smallest smartwatches, which typically don’t go below 38mm in size, or even 40mm in some sports models.

On the other hand, the leak also indicates that this screen will come equipped with an LCD panel with a resolution of 240 x 201 pixels, which will adhere to the limited ability to display only white colors. And is that the Garmin Lily opts for a more sober and elegant design, with an always visible dial with a fixed color background.

That may also explain why the smartwatch will reportedly feature up to five days of battery life under use. And it is that following the wake of the rest of its smartwatches, the Garmin Lily will maintain using your own platform, providing only the basic functionality without the extras of other Wear OS by Google operating systems.

However, other than that, there might not be much else that separates the Garmin Lily from the rest of the smartwatch market. In addition to the basic ones sensors to measure heart rate and track activity, we can also find other sensors such as a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation in the blood, as well as functionalities of GPS geolocation, the latter dependent on a smartphone.

However, beyond the possible orientation for men or women derived from their size, there are currently real capacities and functionalities of these devices specifically aimed at one of these gender segments, such as women, with some applications for the monitoring of monthly cycles. Although at the moment it has not been confirmed if these smart watches will have any special function.

The new Gamin Lily series of smartwatches has not yet been officially launched, but should be presented in the next few days, with a price already advanced that it would barely reach 199 euros for its basic model, and with two versions Classic and Sport that will vary the design and materials used for the case and strap.