Garmin Yesterday confirmed the ransomware attack that has been affecting its services for days and that, today, still partially affects some of its services, although others are gradually returning to work.

The company, especially dedicated to the manufacture of GPS devices, would have obtained the decryption key to recover your files, according to Sky News. With this, she would be able to return to normality.

Garmin assures that they have no indication that anyone has accessed and / or stolen users’ private data

Garmin would not have paid, but …

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Sources in the British information chain say that Garmin would not have paid hackers directly. Among other reasons, because the WastedLocker ransomware, responsible for the hijacking of files that rendered the services of this company very involved in the world of sports wearables, was sanctioned by the United States Treasury last December and that prevents Americans from carrying out transaction with them.

WastedLocker: how the new Evil Corp ransomware works behind the Garmin cyberattack

The attack, according to Garmin, also would not have meant the loss of user data in its applications and services.

Despite denying this possibility of direct payment to Evil Corp, the information published by Sky News leaves on the table the possibility that a payment had been made by a third party He explains that Garmin has rejected “repeated offers” to respond to the details provided by journalistic sources because they do not comment “on rumors and speculation.”

What the American company has done is make it clear that this incident will not affect your operations or your financial results or the operation of your products. In addition, they have explained that only the software and services layer has been affected by this important and prolonged cyber attack. On the other hand, they have no indication that anyone has accessed and / or stolen users’ private data. No dice have been lost either.

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