Garbage: New Release – Music News

Garbage is this legendary band that everyone talks about and Music News is no exception, the musical group released their most recent material and it has turned out to be a hit, we present the new Garbage single here on Music News.

“The Men Who Rule The World” that is the name of his new single, it was released on March 30 and on YouTube platforms Garbage’s official video clip reaches almost half a million views! We leave you the link of the video here so you can enjoy it.

The band posted their feelings on their new song, “This is our recording number seven, a number that has a lot of meaning according to the beliefs of numerology, and that also affects the DNA of this content. The 7 virtues, the 7 sighs, the 7 deadly sins. This was our way of trying to make sense of what happens in this fucking world, to face the chaos in which we all find ourselves involved in one way or another. This recording, it felt like it had to be done at this very moment. Many thanks to all of you, to our artistic director, Javi Miamor for the incredible visual accompaniment he gave us, and for the brand of our new song.

Of course when you listen to the song you will understand the meaning of its words and the relationship they have with this new single. Let’s be honest, the reality is that we are all so immersed in such insignificant everyday problems, living the stress of day to day that we do not allow ourselves to enjoy life. This song is a wonderful reflection to start the week off right.

We present to you Garbage’s new single, titled, The Man Who ruled the world, here on Music News.