The CEOE President, Antonio Garamendi, assures that, in a situation like this, the important thing is “saving the economy, jobs and companies”, so “it does not matter at all” that you have to borrow temporarily. In addition, he believes that the country is not in a time of more taxes.

During a meeting organized this Friday by the APD Association, Garamendi has indicated that “nothing is going to happen” if Spain this year has a debt that reaches 120% of GDPAlthough, of course, what the country cannot afford is that it reach 2021 with a structural deficit.

However, he believes that “This is not the time to raise taxes”, and more when it comes to taxes with an ideological tint, which do not collect or incentivize investment. In this sense, “you have to be very careful.”

On the other hand, the president of the CEOE has also referred to the possible repeal of the labor reform, a matter that, in his words, “It was raised at the worst time”, since now Spain needs to show signs of confidence, something “key” and, “if you skip the established schemes” an “instability” is generated that does not.

Of course, he emphasizes that they have not left the negotiating table, they have only raised “the word suspension” considering that they were skipping social dialogue. “We have to sit down and pose things responsibly” and “always with institutional loyalty”. Thus, he thanked the Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, who said that “this is not the way.


In reference to Minimum Life Income Approved this Friday by the Government, Garamendi believes that “he has not been in the social dialogue.” It is in favor of aid for the most vulnerable and “it is evident that between now and December a mechanism had to be proposed” for these people.

However, “what we can’t ride it’s a subsidized country because then we do have a problem “and with this the underground economy will be promoted, which in Spain represents 24%.

The President of CEOE considers that it is not appropriate for this new Social Security benefit to be structurally approved in an alarm period and not addressed in the framework of social dialogue. In addition, it highlights that “it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t have a path to employability” and it is accompanied by training or conditions such as not rejecting a job.