The President of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has urged this Monday that Spain is opening its borders because countries likeGreece, Italy and Portugal “are staying with tourists.”

“We must protect the tourism sector because it is very important in our country, especially on the islands”,Garamendi has stressed in statements to the SER network collected by Europa Press.

The business leader has indicated that tourism bills in Spain12,000 million euros in June, 16,000 million in July, 18,000 million in August and 13,000 million in September.

“These are very important data. The sooner we do it, the better”,Garamendi has said that he does not want the month of July to be ruined, so he considers that the specific agreement on temporary employment regulation files (ERTEs) in this and other sectors severely affected by the crisis should be signed as soon as possible.

Garamendi says that the CEOE will return to negotiations with the Government

On the other hand, Garamendi has confirmed this Monday that the business organization will return to negotiation with the Government for“responsibility”and because you have to talk about the things that “really” matter right now, liketourism, automotive and commerce,sectors that are being hit hard by the health crisis.

“Responsibly,we sit at the table because that worries us, day by day, seeing how we rebuild the country and it is evident that private initiative is a fundamental part of that reconstruction, “Garamendi said in statements to the SER network collected by Europa Press.

However, the business leader wanted to make it clear that the CEOE did not leave the negotiating table, but found thatthere were “other people sitting”, referring to Bildu, who signed an agreement with the PSOE and Unidas Podemos for the repeal of the labor reform.

“What we did was react to that, becausewe find a role that was not in social dialogue, who skipped it, “said Garamendi, who also pointed out that the CEOE’s reaction to temporarily suspending dialogue with the government was due to” with whom “the agreement had been signed and a” breakdown “of confidence.

“When they announce things that you know can be very bad for the economy, people withdraw, and I say everyone, you don’t invest money in places where there is no certainty about how things work and that made us break trust” , has explained.

However, the reaction of the third vice-president of the Government,Nadia Calviño,affirming that the subject of the repeal of the labor reform “did not touch” now, was for the CEOE “an important step so that a thread remained to be able to continue speaking with this Government”, Garamendi has pointed out.

The business leader has ensured that the employer’s relationship with all the ministries is “fluid” and has specified that,following the agreement with Bildu, he only exchanged a whatsapp with the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, with whom he has not yet spoken, although he hopes to do so on Thursday, during the video conference on social dialogue chaired by Calviño and in which several ministers participate.

Regarding the repeal of the labor reform, Garamendi has warned that“it would be a bad step” right now, when unemployment is expected to skyrocket to 20%. “You have to look at the positive aspects of the labor reform, it was key in the previous recovery,” said Garamendi, adding that the CEOE is willing to talk about this reform in social dialogue, but to “improve it.”