Ganvam and Aedive insist on overturning taxation to favor the purchase of electric cars



Monday, April 5, 2021 – 18:44

The associations consider that the growth of electric mobility will skyrocket this year with a different fiscal policy.

Sales. The deceptive March climb

The Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (Aedive) and the National Association of Sellers of Motor Vehicles, Repair and Parts (Ganvam) have insisted on calling for a change in taxation that reduces the price of electric vehicles.

In the opinion of both associations, it is necessary to implement more measures that allow lower the acquisition price barrier that exists between ‘green’ and combustion models. For this reason, they have advocated a change in taxation that completes the direct incentives to purchase.

“Measures that, if implemented imminently, will contribute to the pure and plug-in hybrid power market grows to 100,000 total units in 2021, so that it is feasible to meet the achievement of objectives “, have claimed from Aedive and Ganvam.

All this after some 3,414 electric vehicles were sold in March (including passenger cars, vans, quad bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and buses), which represents a 64% growth compared to March 2020. However, so far this year 6,092 units were registered in Spain, 24.5% less.

For both entities, the pace of electric vehicle registrations, at a time when the economic recovery is clouded by the possibility of a fourth wave of infections, highlights the importance of ensuring continuity of incentives to the purchase of these models.

In this way, has recognized the work done by the Government in the search for resources to encourage the sector and they value the expansion of funds for the second edition of the Moves plan, as well as the approval of Moves III.

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