Ganges river flood reveals more bodies in India


The spate seasonal River Ganges is bringing to light shallow graves and leaving the discovered some of the hundreds of corpses buried during the recent wave of infections of covid-19 on the India.

Neeraj Kumar Singh, an official of the northern city of Allahabad, said that almost 150 corpses have had to be cremated in the last three weeks.

We are not exhuming any bodies, but only those that are floating due to the rise in the water level are being cremated, “he said.

The area stretches for a kilometer and we believe there are between 500 and 600 bodies buried, “Singh said.

All necessary precautions are taken when treating the bodies while performing the final rites, “he added.

Most are believed to have died from the coronavirus between April and May, when India was hit by a spike in infections that overwhelmed hospitals in many areas.

Some families were unable to obtain firewood for traditional Hindu cremations, so the bodies were submerged in the Ganges or buried in sandbars adjacent to the river.

These are now being flooded by the annual monsoon rains that make the river swell, washing away sand and exposing corpses.

The number of these graves fuels suspicions that the total number of deaths in India from the pandemic may exceed one million and not the official number of nearly 400,000.


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