Gamma variant of covid is predominant in Argentina

Variant Gamma, identified by first time in Brazil, is the predominant one in Argentina according to the latest report SARS-COV-2 genomic surveillance, the Ministry of Health reported this Wednesday.

In Argentina the circulation of the Gamma variant predominates, originally identified in Manaus. In all regions of the country, variants of concern are more prevalent than those that are not of concern, “said a ministry statement.

The authorities reached that conclusion from analysis of 1,077 samples of people who tested positive for covid and without a history of traveling abroad, conducted by the National Institute of Infectious diseases (INEI-ANLIS).

The most prevalent variants in all regions of the country are: Gamma (Manaus) with 41%, Lambda (Andina) with 37% and the Alpha variant (identified in the United Kingdom) with 14%, “the report indicated.

He added that “from the analysis of the last epidemiological weeks it is clear that throughout the country more than 90% correspond to variants of concern “.

Meanwhile, the Gamma variant too It predominates among travelers who tested positive upon entering Argentina, according to the genomic sequencing of 248 samples.

The Gamma variant It was detected in 89 travelers who entered from Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Paraguay.

In 55 sequenced cases of travelers from United States, Mexico, Spain, Bangladesh, Panama and Paraguay, the Alpha variant was isolated.

In addition, a single case of the Beta variant (identified in South Africa) was recorded in a traveler from Spain and the Delta variant, originating in India, was identified in three passengers.

Argentina surpasses the 4.3 million infections and it adds almost 91,000 deaths from coronavirus in a country of 45 million inhabitants, where 18.8 million people (42%) received at least one dose of anticovid vaccine and, among them, 3.7 million have a full vaccination.


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