Gamma, parent company of VozTelecom, increases its dividend by 11% and plans to close 2021 in positive

Gamma Communications, the parent company of Voztelecom and a leader in cloud communications for companies in the United Kingdom with a European presence in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, has continued to experience sustained growth in the first fiscal quarter of the year and expects the positive momentum to continue thanks to the good development of the economies in which it operates after the pandemic, as the business market is anticipating.

Based on the operations registered and the development of the business during the first quarter, the group has communicated its forecasts to the market and anticipates that the income, the Adjusted EBITDA and the earnings per share Adjusted EPS at the close of the current fiscal year are in the upper range of the market forecasts (revenues: 442.4 – 461.3 million pounds; Adjusted EBITDA: 86.0 – 94.0 million pounds; and Adjusted EPS: 54.9-63.1 pence).

On the other hand, Gamma has proposed the dividend payment final of 11.7 pence compared to the 10.5 pence distributed on account of 2019, which represents an increase of 11% compared to the previous year. Gamma is listed under the ticker LSE: GAMA on the London AIM.

VozTelecom and its growth in the Spanish market

In Spain, according to data from the international consulting firm Cavell, the growth of the cloud communications market ‘UCaaS’ (Unified Communications as a Service), will exceed 30% this year 2021 estimating that until 2025 about 3 million new extensions in the cloud will be activated in the business segment. Within this framework, VozTelecom intends to lead this growth in the national market through its extensive network of partners and Service Points, a network that it intends to continue expanding with its new channel program designed especially for telephone switchboard distributors and Microsoft partners.

In particular, the Centrex virtual switchboard VozTelecom allows you to use Microsoft’s Teams application as if it were an extension of the company’s virtual switchboard, thus unifying telephony with one of the most widespread collaboration applications in the business segment, regardless of the location of the company. employees or the device they use, be it a landline, a mobile phone or a computer.

Consequently, the Microsoft partner channel You have before you a new business opportunity that you can successfully develop with the support of VozTelecom, while the traditional PBX distribution channel can incorporate the most complete and competitive Centrex virtual PBX service on the market into its solution offering. maintaining at all times the close billing and support relationship with its customers.

Companies require solutions that allow them to combine face-to-face and remote work and ensure operations in any circumstance, and this is only achieved in 100% digital environments creating workspaces that allow unifying communications and collaboration. To achieve this, companies adopt cloud-based solutions, such as VozTelecom’s Centrex virtual switchboard that, in addition to offering fixed and mobile communications, allows access to functionalities that are not available in a traditional physical switchboard, such as integration with CRM or ERP for improving customer service and commercial monitoring, or access to advanced features such as call usage statistics and their control, access to recordings and ‘call center’ and ‘contact center’ services that are increasingly in demand by the companies.

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