The Last Campfire is the next from Hello Games, creators of No Man’s Sky, and this will arrive summer 2020 to the different platforms that are available in the market, among which is Nintendo Switch. In this way, since the launch is no longer so far (especially if we compare it with some titles announced years before they finally reach the general public), its creators continue to promote it, and now it is Steven Burgess, its chief designer, who shows how the start will be in a new video that is around five minutes long.

The Last Campfire presents what their first minutes of play will be like

In this video of The Last Campfire we can meet Ember, who will be the protagonist of this title that has captivated us from the first moment. Thus, we also see how the game has at all times an omniscient narrator who accompanies this main character and, although the game uses a most striking artistic style, the truth is that, in the words of Steven Burgess, who shows the darkness that there is in the world, but also other feelings, like empathy, which we see when Ember meets the inert body of a character similar to him.

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In this way, and with only about 5 minutes of gameplay, we are more than clear that The Last Ember will make us stick to the screen of our Nintendo Switch as soon as we get a copy of it, thanks to its “charming” story. , but also to the different puzzles that are part of its gameplay, in which we must explore a world full of mysteries. And you, are you thinking of getting a copy of this title once it is available or are you one of those who think that these types of titles are not for them?