Game of Thrones: new trailer for the final season revives fan hatred

It has been almost two years since Game of Thrones – 59%, the HBO series that revolutionized television, reached its conclusion. However, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show’s premiere, the network decided to release a new trailer for that controversial final season, which has only revived the discussion about the ending that left many disappointed.

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As part of the anniversary of the first season of Game of Thrones – 83%, HBO thought it would be a good idea to edit a new version of the trailer for the eighth and final installment. The wound, from the end that for many was disastrous, has not yet closed. That has been clear in the overwhelming way in which the followers of the program have expressed, in the comments of the video, how annoyed they are with the outcome.

The trailer still holds the secrets of how the series ends, but it is much more informative than the one that was released at the time a few months before the premiere of the eighth season. Back then, obviously, the show wanted to avoid ruining the surprises that the plot had in store, but still two years after the last episode, people are still upset by the way it all ended.

These are some comments that can be read in the video:

Thanks, I was fine trying to forget that this season even existed. The best series with the worst ending in history. Make me change my mind. Two years have passed and the wounds are still fresh. The final season reduced the value of rewatching the series to zero. GOT is like your toxic ex who writes to you once a year and you start to have feelings again when you forget how bad the relationship ended

What went wrong? Although the popularity of the show did not really decline, many people began to question how everything was going even from the sixth season, when showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff ran out of material to adapt. Although the writer of the novels on which the series is based, George RR Martin, served as a consultant, the ending continued to stir controversy.

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Something that has been proposed as the reason for the discontent, it would probably have taken more seasons to give Game of Thrones enough time – 59% to land the twists it presents in its final six episodes and that ended up feeling rushed. On the other hand, there are those who think that, regardless of this, the series had become so popular that no ending would have been universally satisfactory. The reality is that we will never know.

game of Thrones, which expanded the way television was thought to be done, continues to be of utmost importance to HBO. Since the network plans to make more series based on that franchise, it’s no wonder they want to remind people how exciting it was, even if it all got out of hand in the end. It will be up to each one to decide whether to give it a second chance, and see the full show again for the anniversary, or if the multiple deliveries that we will see in the following years deserve it. For now, it seems like the final episodes are still a tricky subject.

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