Galtier’s rant

Unhappy with the performance of his troops on Thursday during the shock against Ajax Amsterdam, Christophe Galtier particularly regretted the end of the match completely missed by Lille, beaten 2-1.

Lille can feed regrets. If the defeat conceded by Losc on Thursday in the first round of the round of 16 of the Europa League obeys a certain logic in view of the physiognomy of the match, the scenario of the meeting is cruel for the Northerners. Because after having opened the scoring against the course of the game thanks to a goal full of opportunism of Timothy weah shortly before the start of the last quarter of an hour, Lille finally cracked in the last minutes of the meeting.

The fault in particular with a penalty considered “very severe” by Christophe Galtier. But for the northerner coach, the essential was elsewhere. “We have to stay in the game, he railed at RMC Sport. It is a disappointment, something that must be corrected quickly. Managerial players must remain calm. We are sanctioned in a few minutes, even though I know we were not at our level and that Ajax played very good football. We have the good fortune to lead, we take this hard-to-collect penalty, but we have to stay in the game… We got completely disorganized. Even at 2-1, we are completely open as the qualification is played over two games. It’s a disappointment, but a lesson we should all learn. “

We did a non-match

But the former midfielder was equally disappointed with the overall performance of his players. “The disappointment is not linked to the defeat but to the face we showed. We did not play, he regretted at a press conference. We did a non-match. Compared to what was planned, compared to our game, we fell short of what we should have done. In the first half, we lacked a lot of intensity and rhythm. When we managed to get the ball back, we lost it straight away. There were however possibilities on the sides, with a less direct play but we did not manage to do it. It was better in the second half but overall it was insufficient. I found my team a bit taken by the stakes, my players below their technical level. I can’t explain it… ”

And the debriefing promises to be salty. “We will have the explanations with the players,” he said, determined to see his group “different in attitudes and quality of play” in the return match next week.

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