Galtier explains the success of Renato Sanches

Excellent since the start of the season, Renato Sanches is a very important part of Losc. Christophe Galtier, his coach, revealed his strengths in the game.

Renato Sanches has regained energy since arriving at Losc. Landed in the North in 2019, the 23-year-old Portuguese had experienced difficult times during his time at Bayern Munich. Under the orders of Christophe Galtier, the player has adapted perfectly to the Lille game. Which gives satisfaction to his trainer. The coach gave signs of satisfaction to his player.

Galtier is satisfied with the level of Renato Sanches

With France Football, Galtier mentioned the qualities of the player who shines at the moment. “He’s someone who understands the game very well, who analyzes his performances a lot and who watches a lot of football in addition, he knows how to keep a more defensive position,” he said of Sanches.

Nevertheless, he stated points for improvement regarding his risk-taking and his lucidity at times. “Renato can even better choose the areas where to try the dribble and where to ensure more, even if it is important not to take away his audacity. In some matches where he is in the hard, he may have wanted to do things alone and lose a bit of lucidity, ”he added on this player with great potential for Lille.

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