Galtier discusses OL and OM rumors

Christophe Galtier, the coach of Losc, clearly mentioned his future within the Lille club and the interest of Lyon and Marseille.

With the succession of good results with the Mastiffs since the start of the season, Christophe Galtier has seen his rating rise on the transfer market. In the viewfinder of Olympique de Marseille, the French technician spoke of his future in an interview given to the daily L’Equipe.

“It is not an objective in itself to train Marseille”

“After that my name is associated with the club… There are two parameters. One, I am from Marseille, my family lives in Marseille, I was trained at the club, I was a player at the club… And, secondly, my career for years can make people think that I can coach OM, explained Christophe Galtier. But for me, it’s not an objective in itself to train Marseille. Obviously, when you were born in Marseille, when you were trained there… But like him with Porto, like others with Paris or Lyon. “

Galtier dreams of another club

If it is true that the name of Christophe Galtier is often mentioned on the side of the Phocaean city, it is also the case in Olympique Lyonnais. However, there has been no contact for the moment with the Lyon board according to the first concerned. “I only spent one year at OL (as assistant to Alain Perrin, in 2007-2008) and it’s a frustration, but I had to leave when Alain left, said the Lille coach. I have kept good relations in Lyon, Mr. Aulas knows that I am an honest and upright man. He created a bond between him, his friends and me, but there was no contact. “

Under contract with Lille until 2022, the former coach of AS Saint-Etienne said he dreamed of a destination for the future. “I have an intimate goal, a place where I would like to be a coach one day,” admitted Christophe Galtier. It’s not crazy or ambitious, but I won’t tell you. Only my wife knows. “

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