Marcos Galperin, founder and CEO of Mercado Libre, returned to give the note in social networks. The businessman, who had previously crossed paths with Grabois on that same social network and who once ironized capitalism and labor exploitation, this time dedicated himself to sharing the wisdom of one of his business “gurus”.

In a tweet that quickly went viral, the head of the most valued company in the country published a video of Steve Jobs during a conference where the former founder of Apple explains which is according to him, the role of advertising and marketing.

In the video, the former Apple president explains how one of the company’s most successful campaigns unfolded: the development of the Think Different slogan (think differently). “Marketing and advertising is about values,” says Jobs during the beginning of the video while exemplifying some success stories like Got Milk? and Nike campaigns. Then he explains that as “the world is very noisy and complex”, people remember slogans and short messages. Jobs then claims that his company targets people “with passion and that they can change the world.”

Then the campaign is presented where different figures from history participate as Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein and John Lennon.

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