GALLERY: This was the impressive parade of mummies from Ancient Egypt

22 ancient Egyptian monarchs were part of a parade of mummies to be transported to their new resting place.

A monarch is unlikely to stroll in front of his subjects once he takes his last breath. In Egypt things work differently. For the first time in history, the country orchestrated a mummy parade in Cairo, for what the pharaohs could give one more turn through the streets of their ancient domains.

Photo: Gehad Hamdy / picture alliance via Getty Images

The event was held on April 3, 2021. In the streets of Cairo, members of a marching band played their instruments in front of the Egyptian Museum, near the capital’s Tahrir Square. Thus began the “Golden Parade of the Pharaohs“, A procession to transport the bodies mummified of 22 kings and queens of Ancient Egypt.

mummy paradePhoto: Mahmoud Ghany / picture alliance via Getty Images

The parade was made with the intention of wearing whats sarcophagi with the royal remains of the rulers from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, your new break. According to the coverage of El País, the procession was guided by the rhythm of 120 musicians and 100 singers.

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mummy paradePhoto: Gehad Hamdy / picture alliance via Getty Images

The streets of Cairo once again glowed with the imperial glow of Pharaonic carriages. The mummies of Amenhotep I and his wife Nefertari They left the Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square, fair with the corpses of 20 other rulers.

mummy paradePhoto: Gehad Hamdy / picture alliance via Getty Images

After the musicians, members of a military band gathered in front of the Egyptian Museum, as part of the parade of mummies orchestrated by the State.

According to Nader Abbassi, conductor and one of Egypt’s most prestigious teachers, “The script for the parade, the story, [es] trip [de las momias] from his grave, in which they have remained for hundreds of years, towards eternal life. The whole parade is like a journey: we start inside the tomb, which we can imagine is the museum, to then leave for his new life”.

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