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Zinedine Zidane is one of the best coaches in the world. He got absolutely everything with Real Madrid, he comes from being champion in La Liga and now he is preparing to go for a new Champions League.

The Marcelo Gallardo in River is something incredible. He took office in 2014 and forever changed the history of the club. He won two Copa Libertadores, created an identity that was maintained over the years and always had the team being competitive.

Now, a debate began about what would happen if they switched roles. César Luis Menotti was forceful with his opinion: « That Gallardo can direct Real Madrid I have no doubts, what I don’t think is that Zidane can direct River », he affirmed in dialogue with TyC Sports.

« Gallardo knows the European world, he can direct wherever he wants, he has experience as a footballer and a national team career. How can he not manage Real Madrid? That Zidane can manage River, I don’t know, Argentine soccer is very complex, very difficult . It is much easier to direct Real Madrid than Chacarita« he added.

Finally, he analyzed the great difference that exists with the European teams. How many teams did Gallardo put together in River? It is not that he reinvented him for bad results, on the contrary, even winning he could not keep the team, « he said of the reality that clubs live in and the impossibility of maintaining a structure.