Galilea Montijo would seek to get rid of Andrea Escalona in Hoy

Galilea Montijo would seek to get rid of Andrea Escalona on Today (Instagram)

Galilea Montijo would seek to get rid of Andrea Escalona in Hoy | Instagram

They assure that Galilea Montijo, one of the conductors of the program “Today“With more time in the air, I would have the firm intention of getting rid of Andrea Escalona placeholder image, with which they share the morning forum.

One of the strongest rumors that circulate around the broadcast every morning is that the presenter Galilea Montijo and Andrea Escalona did not have a very good relationship, even this also included some of his other colleagues in the forum.

Now they confirm that this theory was true, Montijo could not even see Escalona in painting when it arrived on Televisa.

Various comments revolved around the environment that existed between the two since they pointed out, it was evident that they could not stand each other and in the moments in which they appeared close they reflected great discomfort.

Although we will remember Andrea Escalona became part of the “Hoy” team at the time when her mother, Magda Rodriguez she was the producer until just last November 1, when the news of her departure took everyone and the entertainment world by surprise.

However, today, that unfortunately his mother is no longer, Escalona’s luck could be different since recently Jorge Ceriani revealed details of the relationship between Galilea and Andrea, which was so pessimistic, and suggests that this almost ended the career of this last.

It was through his YouTube channel, “Chisme No Like” where Ceriani explained that Galilea would have asked for the head of Andrea Escalona in 2018, at which time he arrived on the arm of his mother, Magda Rodríguez and his aunt, Andrea, the team the production company always came to work with.

Yes, Galilea Montijo asked for the head of Andrea Escalona “, Javier Ceriani assured in his program” Chisme No Like.

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It was in 2018 when Rodríguez came to conquer Televisa, which would have been one of her biggest dreams, but she did not do it alone since she was always accompanied by her sister and daughter, in any project, says the journalist, however Galilea did not like her because of the tension with Escalona.

What will happen to Escalona before Magda’s departure?

Although it seems that both conductors would have overcome their differences since even Galilea was one of those that was deeply affected by the departure of the producer and even in solidarity with the presenter herself, many wonder if the truce they seemed to reach will continue firm despite Magda no longer being present.

Currently, “Andy” only has Andrea Rodríguez, his aunt, who is now in charge of the production by decision of the Televisa directors, it will be that the host’s stay in the program is maintained permanently, it is also unknown what will happen to the artistic career of Andrea who apparently had pending projects with her mother for this year on the arm of the television station.

It was last November 1 when the news circulated that invaded the entertainment world with sadness upon learning of the sudden departure of the producer of Televisa programs such as “Hoy”, “Guerreros”, and “Laura Sin Censura”, Magda Rodríguez.

The appreciated collaborator starred in an emotional tribute through one of the forums that made her reach one of the goals of her career, it was the entire production team of “Hoy”, who together with the drivers gave her an emotional farewell which They accompanied many moments that they lived together with her as a “great family”.

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In the same way, a sea of ​​flowers of different sizes accompanied the last moments of the coffin that housed the remains of the director, who left at the age of 57.