Galilea Montijo “tapatíos” charms in black and maxi necklace


Galilea Montijo “tapatíos” charms in black and maxi necklace | Instagram

One of the most acclaimed on screen, the presenter Galilea Montijo, once again became the center of attention by showing off her charms dressed in a black outfit that prevented them from looking away.

The famous “tapathy“once again gave a chair in fashion and beauty in one of the recent broadcasts of the program, this, after Galilea Montijo he appreciated in a black outfit to which he brought a touch of prominence with a maxi necklace that covered a large part of his neck and culminated in the beginning of a striking body area.

It is a photograph in which the “Today’s driver“He would have stolen millions of sighs and where I not only highlight his talent for trends but also part of his charms.

An elegant unbuttoned black jacket shared the attention alongside the bra in a matching color with which “Gali” showed a little more skin and made her look empowered, fresh and seductive.

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It is not the first time that “La Montijo” leaves everyone speechless with one of her clothes, however, this would be one of those that undoubtedly placed her above all her colleagues on set and for which she surely received many compliments.

Similarly, the “cheerleader” shared a photograph on her Instagram account in which the look she wore in her hair and makeup is mainly appreciated.

The remembered presenter of “Vida Tv” and “Pequeños Gigantes” looked glamorous by complementing her outfit with a dramatic touch, mainly enhancing her eyes and lips, in an orange-red tone, which is placed among the strong trends every summer season. .

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Another one that struggled to stand out was her hairstyle option with which she wore several braids that held her abundant hair back, leaving her face free and with everything to shine.

The host of the new contest “The Stars dance today”, has turned the house through the window and has selected the ideal garments that maximize her silhouette and her envied body structure.

Likewise, it should be said that the former actress has been very proud of the silhouette that she has at 47 years old and proof of this is that without regret she has shown her charms in various beach outfits, both full and two-piece suits.

Garments with which he has left no doubts to his fans and that pay honor to his worked figure at 47 years old.

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As has been seen in some of her most recent publications, now more than ever, the “former Tv girl” has dedicated herself to enjoying life and good times more.

That is why Andrea Legarreta’s colleague, Marysol González and Andrea Escalona does not feel sorry for showing off with a very good attitude, whether from the pool or the beach, the novel interpreter does not hesitate to share these moments with her followers.

Even if this includes showing that at the same time she is not a totally perfect woman and who is also capable of dealing with certain imperfections.

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, who began her career in the acting world with stories such as El Premio Mayor, Amarte es mi sin, El Precio de tu amor, among others, has not been prejudiced in showing that stretch marks are also part of her life.

An example of this was one of her most recent publications on the beach and where a small mark in the bra area of ​​her outfit did not go unnoticed by fans.

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There are very few people who at some point do not deal with the hateful “stretch marks” and celebrities are not exempt, now it seems that it is fashionable to show them and the famous was one of those who joined this new trend in fashion.