Galilea Montijo reappears in the midst of his contagion ″ Last test ”

Galilea Montijo reappears in the middle of his contagion ″ Last test ”(EFE)

Galilea Montijo reappears in the middle of his contagion ″ Last test ”| .

The driver Galilea Montijo He shared on his official Instagram account a video of the exact moment he underwent the test, apparently the last to be carried out to confirm that he is free of the virus.

That’s right, a week after the actress also made her contagion known, she reappeared on the Instagram social network to show the moment when she underwent the hyssop test.

It was through her Instagram stories that the presenter of the famous morning show “Hoy” shared with her millions of followers what, she hopes, is the last test to which you must submit in your fight against the virus.

Last test, I hope it’s negative. Today I felt much better, “wrote the Televisa member.

As you may recall, it was last November 11 at night when Galilea announced through her stories on Instagram that she was a carrier of the virus.

It is worth mentioning that suspicions had already been unleashed because at the end of last October Ariel Miramontes, known for his character as “Albertano”, was as a guest in the forum of “Hoy” and that same day in the afternoon the producer Alejandro Gou disclosed the Miramontes contagion.

Galilea getting tested for the virus

Galilea Instagram

It was thus that in this way it was speculated that the drivers with whom he lived in the program could have been infected and therefore, the following Monday Galilee did not appear in the forum of the broadcast.

Finally days later Galilea commented on his official Instagram account that unfortunately he would have to stay at home, as he had tested positive.

Hello everyone! I will stop seeing them for a few days as my C0VID test came back positive. Thank God at home we are fine. I leave you kisses and a happy night ”.

As expected, the next day, on the Hoy program, the host Andrea Legarreta spoke about her partner’s contagion.

It is a black humor joke because we know that our Gali tested positive for C0vid, so we send my black girl all the love, all the affection, that she recovers. She feels good, you saw her yesterday, she has been fine, her family too, “he said at the beginning of the broadcast last Thursday, November 12.

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That was how I commented that there have been cases in which some results are false negatives, so they still had hope that this was the case of Galilee.

What we do not know is that suddenly there are some results that are false negatives, so we do not know if she is even going to exit, and that perhaps her contagion was together with Andreas, Escalona and Rodríguez, we do not know anymore where ”, he added.

After the contagion of Galilee, it was also feared that the famous driver and comedian Paul Stanley had the virus, since that same day of her announcement, on Instagram stories he shared photographs with his partner in which they were seen living closely and unfortunately without mask.

It was thus that a few days later Paul Stanley joined the contagion of the current virus on the morning show.

Furthermore, as you may recall, drivers Lambda García, Andrea Escalona and Capi Albores were also carriers of the virus.

Hey, I have an important announcement to make next, because after all these days of vortex of complicated situations that there have been this weekend, we did the test on Friday, “said Lambda on November 2.

And three days later, to be exact on November 5, Capi Albores announced its contagion. “Yesterday they performed a Covid test on me, today at 8:30 in the morning I received the result and I have tested positive, which is why I am at home.”

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