Galilea Montijo impresses, shows off muscles on Instagram

Galilea Montijo impresses, shows off muscles on Instagram | Instagram

The “Today’s driver“Galilea Montijo shared on Instagram the keys to obtaining a marked silhouette like the one she has at 48 years old, a set of muscles starred in the snapshot of Martha Galilea Montijo Torres.

The Televisa collaborator, Galilea Montijo, surprised her followers by showing once again the perseverance she has endured to obtain the results of a figure enviable at almost 50 years.

The celebrity appeared in a photo on Instagram in which she is ready to activate her marked silhouette next to her “coach” and guide of her exercise routines.

With a top in blue and black with geometric print, Galilea Montijo highlights the muscles of his arms and even his face after making a gesture by sinking his cheekbones.

It should be said that the “tapathy“He took advantage of the moment to congratulate his collaborator, to whom he owes that the exercise routines have the desired effect.

Happy birthday to the best coach in the world @eltonawellness I love you friend, have an amazing time! On Monday we start or what?

It is Tona Arriaga, who has been in charge of the training of Martha Galilea Montijo, with 30 years of experience in the field, she has become an expert in several techniques, one of them is the “tacfit”, one of the techniques that has been the key to the stylized figure of the presenter.

The endearing host of “Little gigants“It is very applied in the routines so on several occasions it has shown the results of its exercise routines. The snapshot, which added 41,822 likes, as well as various emojis and comments from fans and followers of the histrionics.

Congratulations to your Coach, blessings, ‘Cuerpazoooo’, ‘Beautiful galy’, were some of the messages that the fans of the Little Giants ‘cheerleader’ dedicated.

As can be seen in several of her publications, the screen diva has a collection of photos on Instagram that attest to the healthy life she leads and how hard she works to take care of her appearance.

In the midst of his diverse content on Instagram, “Gali” appears showing the marked abdomen that he has achieved, thanks to certain techniques that contribute to being able to carry out a daily training without risk of injury, this, combined with a good and balanced diet.

Not even the last confinement was a pretext for the wife of Fernando Reina Iglesias and mother of Mateo, to abandon the coach’s strict plan for a few moments.

It is worth mentioning that the routines of Andrea Legarreta and Raúl “El Negro” Araiza’s colleague do not last more than 25 minutes. During the days of confinement due to the pandemic, his wife, Fernando Reina Iglesias, joined the driver to exercise together.

Montijo is one of the most popular faces on television, with a trajectory of several years going through modeling, acting and conducting various variety and reality shows.

The remembered interpreter of novels such as “Until the money separates us” or “El Premio Mayor”, to name just a few, always seeks to surprise her 9.1 million followers on Instagram, which she achieves with some of her fashion choices .

The native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, who also recently debuted as a businesswoman, of a new clothing boutique called “Latingal“of which she has become a faithful ambassador, showing the various outfits that are offered in the new establishment.

With skirts, shorts, or short and long dresses, Galilea Montijo always shows an air of joviality in each of her choices, the assiduous fashion and loaded accessories do not miss the opportunity to add more postcards to her content catalog on the networks social.

With garments or eye-catching accessories, Montijo Torres always ventures with the aim of keeping up with fashion and the latest trends.

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