Galicia plans to start vaccinating minors by the end of summer and complete the immunization before the end of the year

Vaccination in Galicia. (Photo: EFE)

The general director of Public Health, Carmen Durán, has considered that the vaccination of the entire Galician population can be concluded “before the end of the year” if the number of doses received is increased and antigens developed by other pharmaceutical companies are commercialized, as is foresees.

In an interview with Cadena Ser, he pointed out that it is “undoubted” that vaccination in Galicia is progressing “at a very significant rate” and recalled that, according to the projections for the reception of vaccines advanced by the Government, the delivery of doses they will be increased in summer, allowing for group immunity to be achieved in mid-August.

Regarding the vaccination of minors, he recalled that it was already addressed in the last national public health commission and that the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English) must rule on the matter. Thus, he has pointed out that the administration of doses to these people could begin before the end of that of the oldest, by the end of the summer, and has insisted that it should be decided whether to start with the oldest of this group or those who present pathologies.

Likewise, it has pointed out that around 95% of those over 60 have received at least one dose in the community and has focused on the geographic dispersion of the population, which “puts obstacles” to home vaccination. Thus, it has indicated that at this time the administration of doses to the group between 59 and 50 years old, which totals 400,000 people, has begun, and has expected it to end next month, when the vaccination of those under 50 years of age could begin.


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