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Galgus Wireless Intrusion Prevention and Detection System.

The most widespread and easiest attack to carry out on Wi-Fi networks is the “Evil twin”, through which a hacker can impersonate the identity of the network in a few seconds and, thus, have access to all user traffic to steal passwords, bank keys or confidential information.

This is not science fiction. It occurs every day in a public Wi-Fi network and is a big problem for both the user and the network administrators.

To solve this problem, Galgus has developed the system Wireless Intrusion Prevention and Detecton System, a hacker detection and mitigation module that neutralizes the threat before it can harm users. In addition, with our technology it is able to locate, in a few seconds, the hacker who is carrying out the attack.

“We can provide the security and stability you need by automatically monitoring the environment and mitigating any threat instantly,” he says. José González, CEO & Founder.

This solution is now available as a feature in CHT, the proprietary Wi-Fi network optimization software compatible with any Galgus AP.